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Animated Flags

A worldwide collection of flag animations.

We have created a range of ready to go flag animation designs, featuring animated flags from around the world and more!, including: A basic animated flag on a flagpole , a flag animation in the shape of a map , animated flag buttons and words which have one of our flag animations, displayed within the outline of the letters. You can see some examples of these designs below.

The European Union flag on the left is an example of what you can expect to get.
This flash designed animated flag is much more than a simple animated gif.
You can easily to resize it! making it smaller or larger

Find the animated flag you want on our flag animation list page.

The Australian flag map on the left is a sample flag map animation.
A flash animated flag is much more than a simple animated gif.
You can easily to resize it! making it smaller or larger

Find the flag animation you want on our animated flag list webpage.

The British flag word above is an example animated flag word.
These flash animations are much more than simple animated gifs. With one of our flag animations you can resize it.

You can make it smaller

or larger

Find your countries name featuring its own animated flag on our flag animations list page.

Some of the flags available are shown below:
America, USA Australia, Oz Austria
Belgium Britain, United Kingdom Canada
China Danish English
European Union France Germany
Greek Iceland India
Iraq Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Pakistan
Russian Federation Scotland South Africa
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Wales pirate flag
Cornwall, St Piran Devon flag Chequered flag
If the flag you want is not shown above
Click here
for our A to Z list
animated flag list

Our collection of International animated flags includes the following nations: American, Argentina, (Argentine), Australian, Austrian, Bahamas, Belgian, British, Canadian, Chinese, Costa Rica, Danish, Dominican Republic, Dutch, Egyptian, English, European Union, French, German, Greece, Greek, Haiti, Hungary, Hungarian, Iceland, Irish, Iraqi, Indian, Israeli, Italy, Italian, Jamacian, Japan, Korean (South), Kenya, Kenyan, Lebanonese, Morocco, Moroccan, New Zealand, Norwegian, Pakistan, Portugal, Portuguese, Qatar, Russian Federation, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Wales, Welsh, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean and more... Including non national flags like race finishing Chequered flag, Animated Pirate flags (including classic animated jolly roger pirate flag animation), Olympic flag and the English county flags for Devon and Cornwall.
For each of these animated flags we have a webpage that provides a demo flag, flagmap and flagword. To visit the page showing your flag of interest simply goto our Animated flags A to Z list to find a link.

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