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Animation Title Description
1. Football An animated football rolls behind the word Football.
2. globe An animated globe drifts across the screen, to reveal the words My World.
3. Search Light A rotating light spells out a welcome message. Like a lighthouse beacon.
4. freefall The 3d word 'welcome' falls through a cloudy background. Animated text banner.
5. Alien Encounter Alien animation, have an Alien beam down, onto your! website.
6. USA flag An animated flag word. Featuring the stars and stripes of the American flag waving within the outline of the letters. Choose between USA and 4th of July.
7. St Patricks Day An animated banner to celebrate St Patricks day.
Featuring an animated Irish flag.
8. Flag maps Animated flag in the shape of the country's map, A few free demos.
9. Neon Sign An animated neon sign. Featuring a pink neon welcome animation. An animated text banner design.
10. Christmas A Merry Christmas banner, featuring animated fairy lights and falling snow.
11. Halloween Pumpkin animation Halloween animation featuring a animated halloween pumpkin, with animated eyes that glow by firelight.
12. Halloween banner A animated halloween banner, featuring Jack o Lantern pumpkins and text that glow with firelight.
13. Australia day banner A animated banner, featuring an australian flag waving inside the flag words "Australia day".
14. St. David's Day A animated banner, featuring Saint David's flag. Animations include the flag and a map of map of Wales
15. ScreenSaver The WebAnimations ScreenSaver, featuring our Life on the Web spider.
16. Wall Paper The WebAnimations DeskTop wallpaper, featuring our Life on the Web spider.
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